B.Sc. Bio-Technology


About the Course

Bio-technology is a science involving the use of living organisms in processes for the manufacture of useful products. It involves algae, bacteria, fungi, yeast, cells of higher plants and animals. Biotechnology Is multi-disciplinary In nature and includes biological sciences e.g. genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology, cell &. tissue culture, immunology 1L chemistry. Modern use of the term biotechnology refers to making changes in the genes of an organism (bacteria, animals and plants) to improve their characteristics, like production of useful protein in bacteria, curing genetic diseases in humans and to develop resistance against diseases caused by various virus, bacteria and insects in plants.

Career Prospects

The bio-technology Industry is constantly growing and In the past 10 years, human resources in the field have grown by 90%. The Indian bio-technology sector today comprises over 350 companies generating revenues of about Rs 10000 crores that is estimated to reach Rs 25000 crores in near future. Bio-tech industry has 37.42% growth rate per annum. A B.Sc. Biotechnology Graduate can get employment in the spheres of agro-biotechnology, bioinformatics, health products, medicine, pharmaceuticals, food industry, distilleries/breweries, clinical labs and research laboratories.

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and one of the following: Biology/Maths/ Bio-technology/Computer Science.

Admission Procedure

Admissions to all seats are made directly by the college on the basis of marks obtained In 10+2.

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